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“Beach tour” on horseback

Here is a beautiful story of a horse lover!

Monday, July 22. 2006.

Can you imagine a holiday without a horse? Whenever I head towards the sea I always think that I will take a rest from the daily routine, the job, and also from the stable and my mare. However, after only a couple of days I start missing my mare and horses in general, the smell of the stable and the green of the continent. This summer was not very sunny, on the contrary, there were a lot of windy and rainy days. The weather was not suitable for swimming, so my friend Maja and I decided to visit Zaton and the horse riding centre “Libertas”. I have heard a lot about the horses in Zaton even from those who have little to do with horses and riding. After our colleague who also has a horse had given us an enthusiastic account of the “beach tour” we decided to try it out some day. Of course, all the plans were always made in Zagreb during winter, and remained as plans only for a couple of years until that rainy summer, when we finally decided to visit Zaton and see if our long time plans could become reality.

We were on summer holidays in Pakostane, about 40 km away from Zaton. We were aware that maybe we would not have the chance to ride for who knows whatever reason, but we were determined to give it a try. It was raining all the time while we were driving to Zaton, and the wipers were working continuously. It was not difficult to find our way, because we knew that Zaton was not far away from Zadar. In Zadar we noticed the signposts for Nin, and outside Zadar, on the road for Nin, we saw the signs for Zaton. The Zaton Holiday Resort is enormous, but the signs with horses led us to the riding-ground. When we stopped in front of it and got out of the car, we could smell the well-known odour and hear the well-known sounds. We were pleased that we finally arrived and we realized how much we had missed it.

Famous “Beach Tour”      

As we suspected, all the riding of the day was already booked in advance. We must have looked very sad, so sad that the kind hosts took pity on us and started to leaf through the book of reservations. Then they started whispering to each other, crossing out and writing in the booklet and finally offered a solution: we could ride the following day with a group of children. It was the famous beach tour, but since there were mostly girls there would be no gallop, just trot. Of course we accepted. We were told to be at the stable the following morning before eight. The following day the weather was still bad, it was windy and cloudy, but it was not raining. We were there on time, as well as the girls who could be between 12 and 14 years old. We mounted our horses and followed the guide on the famous, long planned tour along the coast and to the sandy beach.

Unfortunately, words cannot convey the glorious feeling that overwhelmed us while we were horseback riding in the nature. The wind was blowing, the sea was foaming and the in the distance the mountain range Velebit could be seen. The terrain was grassy and soft. We rode past the small town of Nin and continued over pasture grounds and meadows, descended to the sea and rode on a sandy beach and into the sea. The horses waded through the water, the wind whistled and it felt as if we were in another place and in another time. As everything comes to an end so did our tour. But what remained was a feeling of fulfilment and appreciation. Our memories and pictures of the magnificent ride on horseback will always remind us of our beautiful experience. We strongly recommend that you try it too!  
For “Beach Tour” written by: Irma



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