Horse center


Since 1994

Since 1994


Horse center “LIBERTAS” was founded in 1994. and since then it offers organized touristic-recreational riding for children and adults, as well as horsing sport. The center acts atseveral locations in Croatia: during the summer time at the Adriatic Coast as a context of Zaton Holiday Resort near Zadar and Non, and during the year in ranch „LITTLE FARM“ , Bolč, Farkaševac near Bjelovar. 




Apart from recreational riding the centre offers organized cross-country riding, riding courses, ponies for children of kindergarten age and school children, therapeutic riding for children and adults with disabilities, as well as other equine-related activities. The club is particularly oriented towards activities with young members, because besides improving their mental and physical abilities they help children and teenagers develop self-confidence and responsibility, teach them about life and nature, and introduce them to one of the most attractive sports.


In spring, autumn and winter the horses stay on the ranch “Little Farm” at Bolc. The ranch is situated in the northeastern part of Zagreb County, in the municipality of Farkasevac, approximately 65 km from the centre of Zagreb.

The riding club “Libertas” operates on the ranch “Little Farm” from October to April providing a riding school, cross-country riding, ponies and riding for children as well as therapeutic riding.

Cross-country riding of one or more hours in the surroundings of Bolc offers the opportunity to explore intact forests, small lakes, wide fields and meadows.

While riding in the surroundings of the ranch, through the Bolc grove, along river Cesma, the habitat of protected species like the white-tailed eagle, black stork, beaver or otter you will more likely come across a deer or a doe.

Take a rest after riding. Warm yourself up in front of the crackling fire and have a drink by the fireplace in the main building of the ranch


Ponies for children

Mini ponies are the highlight of our centre and can be ridden by the smallest children under the guidance of qualified trainers. The horses are exceptionally good-natured and very patient with children who can enjoy their company, feed and groom them and learn something about animals that they don’t have a chance to meet in big cities.

Riding school

Horse-lovers and equestrian sports fans with no previous experience who would like to have a good time with horses and enjoy nature or those with competitive aspirations are all welcome to join our horse riding course which consists of several levels.

Therapeutic riding

The aim of recreational riding and of the equestrian centre  “LIBERTAS” is to encourage children and teenagers to pursue this sort of activity as often as possible.



The equestrian centre “LIBERTAS” was established in 1994 and operates in several locations in Croatia: on the coast during summer, as part of the BUFFALO BILL WESTERN CITY, VRSI,, and during the other seasons on the ranch “Little Farm” in the village Bolc near Farkasevac.

Beach tour

Unfortunately, words cannot convey the glorious feeling that overwhelmed us while we were horseback riding in the nature. The wind was blowing, the sea foaming, the sky was overcast and the mountain range Velebit could be seen in the distance. The terrain was grassy and soft.





Contact person: Sanja Rukavina


Address: Bolč 134, Bolč, 10 344 Farkaševac, Croatia



Put Poljica 62, 23235 Vrsi

cell phone: +385 98 472 227

cell phone: +385 1 233 6000



telephone: +385 98 472 227

telephone: +385 1 233 6000


Bolč 134, 10 344 Bolč, Farkaševac, Croatia